GIMATIC Nordic AB's primary goal is to reach their customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries and be technically and commercially leader in everything that has to do with the use and application of pneumatic and electric grippers and components for linear and rotary movements , and advice about these . We shall also provide the market with GIMATICs leading end of arm tool system where we also are assisting with configuring these for best performance of robotic grippers . We strive to have quality in every contact with the company.

GIMATIC is an innovative Italian company, which in 25 years has built a strong name in the world of automation . They have managed to consolidate a business model based on knowledge, ambition and professionalism. The products are based on a knowledge of the applications and a unique innovative spirit that has led to many patents related to products, and that global companies are turning to Gimatic when they want a unique product. Each product breathe a thoughtful philosophy and applicability while providing a solid, quality feeling . They also realize a sense of aesthetics which is a typical from the company.


GIMATIC specializes in the following product categories:

Production of a comprehensive and qualitative range of components commonly used in robotic applications , handling or assembly such as grippers , indexing , rotary actuators, linear actuators , etc.

Production of a complete range of versatile components specially designed and constructed to facilitate the construction end of arm tools and fixtures that are widely used in the plastics industry to manage the injection molded parts and separate the waste from the finished product.

Supply and manufacture a wide range of sensors, especially of magnetic reed type and electronic magnetoresistive . It also manufactures impact sensors for monitoring the appropriate level of g-forces and vibration in installations. Sensor boxes that can be used to simplify the signal processing of robotic grippers which collects signals from different types of sensors to provide a clear signal for the system.

Manufacture of one of the widest ranges of mechatronic products for the management of electric grippers and rotary actuators . The key word is simplicity as the installation is extremely simple. You will also find products that are directly applicable in clean room environment where they have certificates for class four according to ISO 14644-1.


GIMATIC distinguishes primarily by the following:

Quality: Our products are designed, assembled and tested to high specifications .

Availability: Our motto is to offer a brilliant delivery service and therefore we strive to deliver our products in the shortest possible delivery time.

Range: We increase our range constantly, thanks to an unstoppable desire to product development. GIMATIC invests at least 10% of its sales on product development.

Innovation: In just 25 years, GIMATIC been able to register more than 170 international patents , which gives an idea of ​​the innovative force that the company holds.

Price: We believe that quality that does not include this attribute is not enough, so we strive to offer our products at a competitive price without giving the slightest compromise on quality through innovative product solutions in line with modern production methods.